Child Psychology Services

At Klarriti, our child psychologists are designed to support the emotional, social, and behavioral well-being of children.

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Fostering Healthy Emotional Development

Our experienced child psychologists provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to address a wide range of concerns, from developmental delays to emotional and behavioral challenges.

Child psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that focuses on the mental health and well-being of children, from infancy through adolescence. Child psychologists help children and their families navigate various challenges, such as learning disabilities, emotional issues, and behavioral problems.

Child psychology services often include:

  • Individual therapy for children
  • Family therapy and parenting support
  • Educational and psychological assessments
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Support for children with developmental disorders
  • Treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns

Many child therapists use evidence-based approaches tailored to the unique needs of each child and family. These may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), play therapy, family therapy, and other therapeutic techniques.


What is Child Therapy and how does it work?

Child therapy, also known as child counseling or child psychotherapy, is a type of therapy that focuses on young children, teens, and adolescents with one or more mental illnesses. It also provides aid to youths who have experienced trauma, and/or who are facing a dysfunctional or stressful home environment. Much of the therapy is play-based, because play is a child’s natural mode of communication.

At what age should a child see a therapist?

There’s no specific age at which a child should start seeing a therapist. It really depends on the child and what issues they might be dealing with. If a child is experiencing significant changes in mood or behavior, having trouble at school, experiencing a family crisis such as divorce, or dealing with a trauma, seeing a therapist could be beneficial.

How can I tell if my child needs therapy?

Some signs that your child might benefit from therapy include: significant changes in appetite or sleep, social withdrawal or isolation, decrease in academic performance, persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, frequent anger and overreaction to events, preoccupation with physical illness or their own appearance, and talk of suicide or self-harm.

How can I prepare my child for therapy?

When preparing your child for therapy, it’s important to be open and honest about why they’re going to see a therapist. Use age-appropriate language and explain that the therapist is there to help them feel better. Let them know it’s a safe space where they can share their thoughts and feelings without judgement. If they have any questions or concerns, address these openly.

More information regarding child psychology

Child behavioral health is a critical aspect of overall child development. By addressing emotional and behavioral issues early on, child psychologists can help children build resilience, improve their self-esteem, and develop healthy coping strategies that will serve them throughout their lives.

In conclusion, our child psychology services at Your Practice Name offer comprehensive support for children and their families, ensuring that they receive the guidance and care necessary for healthy emotional and behavioral development.

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